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Added a generator tool (Windows) in VB.net for TyranntMicro

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Added a new generator tool. So far it can just generate items:

This tool will store the items in “|” delimited text files which can easily be turned into objects using the split(“|”c) or split(‘|’) string function.

An example of the above “Arrows” item is:

1.0|Arrows||A Quiver of arrows. Holds a maximum of 10 arrows|arrowico.gif|arrow.gif|ammo|10|0|False|False|False

I was planning to do this on the Spider but it just makes more sense to do this on a desktop machine.

So Character Generator is almost finished. (Starting items are all that is required)
Item generator done
Next when I get spare time I’ll start working on the Maze Generator in the generator tool and a “Play Game” screen system on the Spider.

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