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WCF Service Application and “is ambiguous in the namespace ‘System.Data.Services.*'”


I created a WCF Service Application project and then added nuget packages to enable me to use entity framework and Windows Azure. After this point. all my services were getting the following error:

Error 5
'DataServiceProtocolVersion' is ambiguous in the namespace 'System.Data.Services.Common'.

Which was referencing this line of code:

config.DataServiceBehavior.MaxProtocolVersion = DataServiceProtocolVersion.V3

In-particular the DataServiceProtocolVersion enum

After doing a lot of searching around on the web. I could not find any solution to this, so I started to go through removing references. (Thinking that something I added with Nuget is causing the conflict)

I removed the System.Data.Services.Client reference and Everything started working again.

I then used the Object Explorer which showed that DataServiceProtocolVersion now resided in the:



Just posting this in case I can help save some time for anyone else who is suffering from this issue.

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