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Dissapearing Mouse on Windows 8.1 with multiple monitors

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Multi- Monitor Layout

Multi- Monitor Layout

This is just a quick post about an issue that was driving me nuts. I’ve just got a new work laptop and I have two external monitors connected via a docking station. As you do with a new set-up, I was trying to get the displays setup with the best settings so I was playing with the zoom settings for each monitor. The upshot of this was the mouse cursor had disappeared. If I moved the mouse around, it would still highlight any thing it went over and if this caused the point to change to a different image, it would briefly appear as that image and then disappear again. After much searching I came across a post on Tom’s Hardware site where someone was experiencing a similar issue and the advice that simonjonestlp gave, fixed the problem for me.

I am just repeating it here for anyone else with the issue:

With machine on, Unplug both screens from the back of the PC (Or docking station in my case)
Plug them back in.

That is it. After this I could see the cursor again.

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