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Windows Store App (Was Metro) And Shared Files

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Just a quick post about an issue I came across when trying to develop and app and share the files between my Laptop and Desktop via Dropbox.

I use this method quite successfully for most of my development work, but it seems different for Windows 8 Metro App Store development.


I build a windows store app on my Desktop and store the resultant solution in my dropbox directory structure. It builds and runs fine. I go to the office and load the application via my laptop. So far it all seems ok. It builds with no issues. But when you run it, you get an Application Failed to start error message. And looking into the exception, it boils down to a COM error:

“Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.” err -2147467259

Next I created a similar app on the laptop it built and ran okay and then I loaded the app on my desktop and exactly the same thing happened.


Hopefully I’ll find out Friday at the Windows 8 DevCamp in London (21st September).

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