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What’s new in VB11

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Just posting a link to a blog which shows some of the new features of VB in Visual Studio 11


I’ve also added this blog to the blog links to the right.

  • Win8 support
  • VBCore (=> new platform support for VB on Phone, XNA, MicroFramework, Kinect, Surface…)
  • Async
  • CallerMemberInfo
  • Iterators
  • View Call Hierarchy
  • Namespace Global
  • AnyCpu32bitPreferred allows EnC on x64 machines
  • Better codespit and pretty-listing
  • Better performance
  • Better error-reporting for lambdas, and (not yet in VS11beta but will be) no more 102-error-limit for vbc/msbuild
  • Fixed language corners in ForEach, ReturnArrayLiterals, OptionalParameterOverloads, GenericOverloadResolution

The video was recorded at DevConnections2012 in Vegas on 2012.03.26

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