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Getting an ASP.NET MVC Razor site into the cloud

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I started to work on a web role to test out experiments with ADO.net code first and ASP.NET MVC 3 with Razor. Out of the box, VS 2010 does not support ASP.net MVC 3 so I created the Azure project, then added a ASP.NET MVC 3 project separately. I then added that MVC project to the Azure project as a web role. Clicked run and all seemed to work fine.

But as with all things Azure, if it works in the developer environment, don’t expect it to automatically work in the cloud.

It didn’t. But I was expecting that. It was a bit hard to track down what the problems were as it only manifested as a web role that never seemed to get started.

Once I had worked out that meant it was missing core components for the web site, I was pleasantly surprised was how easy it was to fix this.

On your MVC 3 project right click the project solution and then select “Add Deployable Dependencies”

Then click the “ASP.NET MVC” and the “ASP.NET Web Pages with Razor syntax” check boxes and click ok.

You will then find a directory added to your project called _bin_deployableAssemblies.

All I did after this was “Deploy” the Azure Project and after waiting for the project to deploy into the cloud, it all started ok and worked.

I wish all problems were as easy to solve as this 🙂


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